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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  November 3, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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13:19:58 the first time he brought a book and backed his little butt up into my lap and just looked up at me a moment she didn't think would ever happen... now could be just the start... we'll tell you about the new therapy for children with autism... and the results two iowans are seeing. a student admits he wasn't doing what he was told.... but he never expected this on the ride home from school. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dan winters. and i'm sonya heitshusen... it happened in johnston last week... a student knocked to the floor by his school bus driver... 15-year-old christian suarez is now sharing what led up to that physical confrontation... channel 13's aaron brilbeck has the story. 15-year old christian suarez...a johnston student with special needs.. says he's scared to go back to school...and even more scared to ride the bus. that's because last
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attacked by his bus driver...61-year old robert scarbrough. suarez admits he was acting up on the bus...sitting where he wasn't supposed to. "the bus driver asked me to move and i didn't want to so i said no."that's when suarez says scarbrough stopped the bus and approached him... "i threw a book at him. then he came. he pulled me by my ear and i punched him. he told me punch me again. i dare you. and i didn't want to. i told him no. and then he just lost his temper for some reason."that's when suarez says, scarbrough threw him to the floor. scarbrough could then be heard unleashing on another student. "i was mad. angry. scared. has
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he been mean to you before? no but he's been mean to...he's been mean to other students."a school spokeswoman initially told us there have been no complaints about scarbrough. "any disciplinary issues? any complaints about him before? uh, no. none that we're aware of."today she admitted she was mistaken...and there had been another parent complaint about a week earlier. suarez's attorney says the district should have acted on that complaint. "we are aware that a parent complained about his anger and several of the other kids have talked about that he has these ongoing angry outbursts over the last two months. and certainly not taking those seriously created this situation." scarbrough is charged with child endangerment and assault. he was released from polk county jail this week. a spokeswoman for the johnston school district says he remains on
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she is not sure whether scarbrough is still being paid. a waterloo police officer is on leave after shooting a wanted drug suspect... investigators say 24-year old brandon seeley refused to pull over... and instead drove towards an officer. the officer fired at least once hitting seeley. he was arrested a short time later and hospitalized with a gunshot wound. police say seeley was wanted on a parole violation for marijuana possession. as in all officer-involved shootings.. the officer was placed on paid administrative leave. the results are in... des moines mayor frank cownie... and council members chris coleman and joe gatto o ach won another term... the one new face joining the city council is linda westergaard... according to unofficial results she defeated marty mauk by 2-hundred votes. she will replace bob mahaffey in the second ward. mahaffey decided
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hillary clinton is trying to extend her lead here in iowa... she started the day in coralville... and is wrapping up this evening in grinnell... that's where political director dave price caught up with her
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during the event clinton also called for increasing the minimum wage to 12- dollars per hour. clinton will join the other two democratic candidates this friday night on m-s-n-b-c. they are all taking part in a forum at seven o'clock. the forum is being moderator by rachel maddow. the controversy surrounding a war memorial in knoxville is coming to an end... last night the city council voted three-to-two to move this display onto private property across the street from young's park. city leaders say they had no choice. a washington d-c organization threatened to sue because of the white cross used in the display. the threat was the result of an anonymous complaint. 234101 i think its sad that one person can walk through your town and be offended by a cross. and frankly im offended by them 234217 this is about the united states of america. all of our soldiers give their lives so that this nation could
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the memorial won't' be moved until after veteran's day on november 11th. a memorial for a fallen nebraska marine is coming in the form of a children's book... ten year old shane kielion junior has grown up without a father... just a half-hour before he was born... his dad... corporal kielion was killed in iraq. shane often turns to a scrapbook to remember his father... looking at old newspaper clippings and photos of his dad playing high school football... "i don't know if i have a favorite because i like all of them. but he was a smack talker. my grandpa would say that if he got sacked as a quarterback he would say, 'is that all you got or something like that' the images and articles aren't the only way shane is able to connect with his dad... "there are so many kisses little one. i miss you kisses. thank you kisses.
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before his depoloyment... and before shane was born... april kielion recorded her husband reading three children's books. she planned to use the video so their newborn son would recognize his father's voice when he came home from war. now its a living memory of the hero they lost... "anything you want to say to your son before you go?" "sorry that i couldn't be here." "that makes me proud because it's really cool that people want to protect us and stuff. they fight for us so we can be free country." "i'll see you in may son. love you. love everybody!" shane will join 35 other kids who also lost a parent in iraq or afghanistan this weekend. they will all attend saturday's nebraska football game as part of the state's gold star kids program. nebraska hasn't had to play the
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when they do, the hawks could still be undefeated... ...but they'll have to get past indiana first. later in sports... how the team is getting ready... and why the country is now taking notice of iowa's perfect season. 2 shot d 13:17:27 they're very set on we can recover autism. 30 a bold claim... one every parent with a child diagnosed with autism wants to believe... after the break... the new treatment... the cost... and the results two iowa families are seeing.. kelley 12:47:05 i almost cried, i was so excited that i didn't want to ruin
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two little boys with the same autism diagnosis... their families are turning to an alternative treatment in hopes of finding a way into their world. this treatment isnt tested. insurance wont cover it, and parents have to travel half way across the country to find it.. but as channel 13's jannay towne shows us, some families say it's giving them their child back.. welcome to garretts playroom. a place where this sound... nats of giggling comes with every game of 'garrett says'. dad 12:46:45 whatever he
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wants to do, we do it with him. nats playing here, the ultimate introvert, is breaking out of his shell. mom 12:30:34 garrett was only 4 months old the first time i raised the question of autism with his doctor 40 but doctors didn't confirm the mothers intuition for another several years . 12:42:22 of course, what was recommended with diagnosis was the gold-standard of treatment which was 25 to 40 hours a week of aba therapy 27at the time, the only access to a-b-a or applied behavior analysis therapy, involved a nearly two-hour round- trip. brienna decker went in search of something she could do at home... she found the son-rise program at the autism treatment center of america..where parents are the therapists. d 12:47: 40 if they're banging a toy on the wall, you bang a toy on the wall and after hours and hours and hours of doing this, they start to
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with you 50 m 13:19:58 what we always call little victories of eye contact, or touch or the first time he brought a book and backed his little butt up into my lap and just looked up at me 13 d 13:20:33 it's like ok i don't want this moment to stop.. those moments came at a price....tens of thousands of dollars....including two trips to the center located in massachusetts. 2 shot d 13:17:27 they're very set on we can recover autism. 30 2 shot m 12:55:55 to recover is to pull them out so basically you're meeting them in their world to pull them into yours 59 nats of joshua joshua used to get lost in his own world and shut out those around him.. kelley 12:47:27 just a hug or a i love you or a kiss. that we take for granted until they don't do it. 34
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after trying traditional therapy for his moderate to severe autism, kelley martin began practicing a few of the son-rise principles she learned from a d-v-d. kelley 12:56:34 it starts me with. it really does. the rest. he's a smart boy. he's a smart boy and i know that he can do it 45 thats the attitude she took with her to the autism treatment center this summer. she says it paid off almost immediately.. kelley 12:47:05 i almost cried, i was so excited that i didn't want to ruin the moment 13 in the last few months... the three year old who therapists said would likely never talk... has become a little chatterbox. nats of joshua talkng kelley 12:50:38 most of the time it's usually me that can understand him but just the fact that he'll point to stuff and want to try to say it 45 for her, its sign that she needs to keep up with the program, despite the cost. this month, the family is moving to a
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new place with enough room for a playroom - an all yes space- for joshua. kelley 12:48:59 when you're in a regular room you're like no no no don't touch that or no no no don't do that. in this room, there's no no's 07 just as there are no 'nos' when it comes to her sons future.. kelley 12:55:08 it's hope for me.. nats thats a four letter word in the decker household.. 13:06:03 we can hope that one day garrett will talk. he totally will. hello.. laughs. how could he not talk 15while waiting for the four year old to say his first word... a new autism treatment center opened in their community and garrett began a-b-a therapy which is covered by insurance. their son-rise home is now a hybrid... 2shot m 13:03:58 we're going to be that family that's trying to mesh these two very different approaches 01 nats of velcro pretzels 12:17:00
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pretzels 03 2 shot d 13:18:15 my child interacts with me now, he laughs with me, plays with me and that's awesome and they're satisfied with that. and people are like let's keep going. let's see how far we can take this 29 both families have already witnessed minor miracles. from a simple hug and kiss ... nats kelley 13:03:06 i'm actually grateful that he autism and i know parents are going to say - what did she just say? if he did not have autism , i would not be getting the bond that i'm getting from him right now. 25 a bond finally formed by parents playing their way into their child's autistic world.. jt channel 13 news both families are quick to point out that son-rise might not be the right fit for everyone. martin is in the process of fundraising for a return trip to the autism treatment center of america. the next step for the deckers is a home visit from a trained son
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs.
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the #4 valley and #1 dowling football teams may meet at the dome in ten days, but tonight, the rivals clash on the volleyball court. and with the same rankings. winner goes to state. a packed house at dowling high school. both teams have combined for 83 wins this year. game 3. hannah lockin, big time
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spike. tigers up 2. game point. ty duve , great placement, it drops. tigers lead the match 2-1. back comes dowling. mykal sadler, watch out below!!! goodness!!! maroons take game 4 29-27. on to the 5th. sadler again. maroons lead 15-14. match point. spike is blocked, but valley is called for being in the net, and thats it! what a match, dowling wins a thriller 3-2. the maroons are
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among the teams joining dowling at state, the johnston dragons, 4 set winners over southeast polk. johnston plays centennial next. when i asked kirk ferentz today how much of the college football playoff rankings show he'd watch, ferentz said zero. here's what he missed. clemson #1. followed by lsu, ohio state, and an alabama team with a home loss. notre dame also has a loss. baylor, michigan state, tcu, and iowa are all undefeated. florida has a loss. ferentz may not have watched, but he released a statement: quote: "it is nice to be talked about in the discussion, but the biggest thing right now is to take care of our business each week." it's been six years since iowa was part of the national conversation
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8 and oh hawkeyes at 4-4 indiana saturday. michael admire will be there. when the royals won the world series, royals fans partied. and they haven't stoppped. look at the turnover for today's celebration in kansas city. an estimated 800 thousand fans turned out, and that's in a city of 470,000. kids didn't even have to go to school today. we have more local reaction from des
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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